What is a nursery?

What is a nursery

A nursery can be classified as a place or as an institution where children go in the very early stages of their lives. There are a number of different types of nurseries that vary in one property or the other. But there are a few things which are the same in each and every nursery that you can find. Nurseries are also known as children daycare. You can find a lot of nurseries in Dubai marina for your kids. However, nurseries in JLT are also available for you and your kids.

Almost each and every nursery that is registered and recognized by the concerned authority accepts all the children under 5 years. The main purpose of a nursery or a child daycare is to prepare the kids for the challenges ahead. Kids usually learn the first step of their academics in the child daycare. Here the kids between the ages of 3 to 5 are given the primary focus.

This is done in order to prepare the children for the proper school that they will be joining very soon in their life. Nurseries are usually run by private owners. But you can also find some nurseries and daycare which are a part of a proper school, where they focus on the children who will be joining their school in the near future. The timings of a nursery are usually set in accordance with the working hours of a majority of the offices. This is done in order to cope up with the timings of the working parents of kids who are in the child daycare. Just like any other working place, people here as well work in multiple shifts.

Nurseries can be found in different sizes and settings as well. What we mean here with size is the fact that how many children can be entertained in the nursery at one time. In other words it means the capacity that a nursery has. There are some nurseries and daycare which only have a small space where they can only allow 50 to 60 kids at a time, whereas you can also find some nurseries which have the capacity to adjust more than 150 kids at the same time. This depends on the level on which that facility is built.