Key questions & answers for halal certification

Key questions & answers for halal certification

There are more than 1.9 billion muslins around the world that consider using Halal products as’s practices of their religion. Therefore, the Halal product’s market is growing fastly, so it has become crucial to fulfilling the demand for Halal products in Muslim countries. However, producers are trying their best to meet these needs effectively. Businesses that are involved in the production of Hahal products have to obtain Hahal certification. Following questions/answers will make you realize the importance of Halal certification for this growing industry.

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What does it mean by Halal certification?

Halal is an Arabic word, which is meant by permissible. Islam classified products into two categories, first the Halal, and the second is Haram. Halal products mean that it is made by any impermissible material. On the other hand, the products including foods that are made by Haram material are prohibited in Islam. It includes, pork, drugs such as alcohol, opium, and others are red flags in Islam. Having Halal certification ensures to provide Hahal products to their billions of consumers.

What do Hahal agencies do?

The first thing that Halal agencies do is to determine whether your products are meeting the Halal standards or not. They have reliable resources to screen material and ingredients that make sure there is no involvement of Haram products. After screening and certain tests, these agencies issue a Halal certificate to your business.

What are the requirements for Halal certification: When it comes to obtaining a Halal certificate, Halal agencies focus on four important factors such as

  • traceability
  • sanitation
  • integrity
  • Composition.

These factors apply to the following businesses

  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • grocery stores
  • distributors
  • manufacturers
  • slaughterhouse

If you own these businesses, you will have to pay attention to the above factors to obtain a Halal certificate. Before applying for Jakim Halal certification, these agencies provide a checklist that helps you create this environment.

What are the concerns of Halal consumers?

If you are a Halal consumer, you need to identify the Halal ingredients and material in products. Before buying goods, make sure that these things are meeting the Halal standards.

What are the things that come in the Haram category?

Pig donkey Animals that have fangs or talons. All these things are prohibited in Islam and considered Haram whether you use it in food or other products.