How to keep your car in top condition

How to keep your car in top condition

Getting a car is expensive now a days. And each year, we save money to buy a car and on the arrival of the year, even the older cars have a raised price. This means that in the coming years, there is no hope that cars will be becoming less expensive. Even if we get a car, the maintenance of the car is very costly as well. Even getting a small thing like car AC repair in Dubai is quite expensive. Repairing the AC of the car is necessary because it is handy in both the weathers and then you have to get the car oil change in Dubai as well if you use your car a lot. But you can save yourself a lot of money but just keeping your car in top condition, it may be difficult but it is worth the money saved.

Break-in Period: this is the first few months of the car. Meaning to say that when you buy a zero-meter car, you have to drive it under 55 to 85 kmph and such thing is recommended by the manufacturers as well.

Avoid Heavy Loads: by this we mean that you should avoid putting heavy things in the trunk or towing a car.

Use Your New Car: take your new car for a spin every alternate day. You will be surprised to know that an idle car result in more depreciation as compared to the car that has been on the road for quite a long while.

Avoid Racing the Car Engine: showing off your heavy silencer is cool but do you know that if you race the car engine while it is on neutral gear, it will consume more gas and burn more oils of the car which is bad for engine of the car.

Accelerate Gradually When You Start Driving: don’t rush when you start the car and drive, make sure to gradually race the car.

Look Out for Bumps in the Road: some bumps can cause a serious damage to the tyres. Make sure to you slow down if there is a bump in the road.

Get Fuel from Good Petrol Stations: not all petrol stations have clean and pure petrol, some mix them with water and other chemicals and some don’t have refine petrol which is bad for your car.