Haunted hotels around the world

Hotels are said to be safe and you will find the safest and the best hotels in Fujairah. UAE is a tourist country and people from around the world come to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi but mostly tend of stay in hotels in Fujairah UAE because these hotels are cheap and they are luxurious as well. You will be surprised to know that like everything in the world, UAE also has some forbidden places because they are said to be under the presence of paranormal activity. Around the world, there are many haunted hotels, some are forbidden and for some, you have to sign a deed; its like asking for a death wish. But thinks and explorers record their visits and the internet is filled with evidences. We don’t need to dive deep in but we would like to tell you about the haunted hotels from around the world.

The Omni Grove Park Inn: this hotel is in Ashville, North Carolina and the architecture of the hotel is marvel and it was built in 1913. This hotel had been visited by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now coming to the horror part, if you visit this hotel, then after dark or may be sometime before the dark, you might see the pink lady and her story says that she fell from the second floor.

The Omni Homestead: has it something to do with the name Omni that these hotels are haunted or it is just a coincidence! It is among the oldest resorts in the U.S. and it was built in 1766. You can visit this hotel and without worry about ghosts but be sure to visit the 14th floor because people say that there is a bride on that floor who waits for his fiancé. Hope you don’t have any plans for getting married! Well, just to le you know, this hotel is in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Fairmont Banff Springs: this hotel is in Alberta and it was built in 1888 and it was done in order to increase western tourism. You again might see a bride who fell down on the stone on her wedding and there is a ghost named Sam the Bellman who worked in this hotel all his life until 1975 and people say that sometimes he helps people with the bags and then disappears.