Extended vehicle warranty plans

Extended vehicle warranty plans

Whether you are looking for extended warranties of a luxury car like your Land Rover extended warranty plans or for an economy car plans, extended car warranty plans are very simple to understand. Purchasing extended warranty coverage entails getting additional protection for parts that might require to be repaired after the factory warranty expires. An extended vehicle warranty plan might seem like an extra expense; however, it can end saving you a lot more than you pay for it even with a single repair especially if the damage is related to an expensive part or the repair requires a lot of labor. The cost is directly linked to the type of plan you want to purchase; look here or read below for the several types of coverage.

Bumper to Bumper:

The warranty covers everything in your car and will be fixed or replaced if required. This type of warranty is included with the purchase of any new vehicle. Parts like tires, oil change etc. is paid by the owner.


The engine, driveshaft and transmission are covered in this type of warranty. Anything apart from these on your car should fail; you’ll have to pay for the repair or replacement.

Full Extended Warranty Coverage:

As it sounds, everything in your car is covered by this type of warranty. From the engine to the keyless entry system and from the transmission to the horn etc. everything comes under the umbrella of full extended warranty coverage. You are only required to pay for things like tires, oil and other consumptions and refills.

It’s totally your discretion and decision to choose which level of coverage you want and are willing to pay for. There are many more extended vehicle warranty plans out there that can be evaluated for your needs. Every company adds its own features as well, so you really have to research and then decide which one is best for you.

The factors to consider while choosing a company include finding out if they are financially sound to provide the cover they claim they can. Also, what kind of customer service do they offer and if they are properly registered and licensed to offer these services or not.

Depending upon your car’s value, if you think an extended warranty is suitable for you, it can actually save you a great deal of money.