Best prepaid bundles to enjoy in UAE for all in one services

Best prepaid bundles to enjoy in UAE for all in one services

Two telecoms firms can only exist in the UAE (well, before Virgin Mobile launches here) but the telecoms packages definitely have plenty to do.

The fact is, what the right packages are isn’t always obvious. We’re researching but we don’t have to help you make sense of them. If you are searching for a pre-paid service without a contract or super-fast home broadband on a lot of TV channels, this series helps to determine which telecommunications package suits you.

This week, we launch with Du and Etisalat’s best mobile pay-as-you-go deals. You may also find out more about Virgin mobile UAE packages by clicking here.

Not prepared to enter into a contract? Not to worry: many wonderful options are available for prepaid. This is our bunch range.

DU mobile plans AED 50 A MONTH – NON-STOP BUNDLE

Join this package, upgrade AED 50 per month and you will get a world of value, which will take care of the majority of telecommunications requirements for many people. This isn’t an integrated data kit – it gives non-stop access to the most popular applications. WhatsApp and Viber support is used for texting, whilst the unrestricted use of Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is provided by social networking. You get 75 unlimited minutes as an additional incentive. AED 50 a month isn’t bad.


Etisalat takes on the prepaid AED bundle 50 per month sounds very different, but if you want to get a bit more flexibility on your minutes and data it is definitely worth exploring. One thing is that with those kinds of applications you don’t have a particular choice – 500MB of storage is available per month in this kit. Flexi minutes and 50 flexibly text messages are included in the kit. Simply subscribe SUPER50 to 1012, and ensure AED 50 per month is upgraded.


All right, this non-stop bundle from Du doesn’t sell an enormous sum, but it’s very inexpensive and very appealing. Subscribe and upgrade to AED 25 per month, and you can get non-stop connectivity in WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, and Facebook.


Don’t the versatile minutes in the data packet really bother? Ok, this pre-paid Etisalat data kit is yours. It costs the same amount as Du’s package at AED 150 a month, but it will give you 3 GB of 4G data per month. Nothing more, mind – you are chargeable for ordinary out-of-bundle rates for both your calls and SMS messages. Nevertheless, 3GB is a large chunk of price info.