What is meant by commercial interior design?

Commercial interior design refers to the interior design of commercial buildings and public buildings. These buildings include offices, restaurants, retail spaces, lobbies, seminar halls, libraries and many other places like these. Commercial interior design Dubai is getting famous a lot these days. Commercial interior design is very different from other types of interior design which can include residential interior design and industrial interior design. You can visit or go to this website for more information about this topic and many other topics related to this.

Construction and buildings are often and rightly so, categorized in a few basic categories. These categories have different properties assigned to them which explains many things about the buildings in that specific category very thoroughly. Every type of building has a different purpose and usage. That is why every building is planned and constructed in a different and elegant manner. The same thing goes for interior design. Interior design is done in order to increase the efficiency and functionality of the building. When a house is designed, the interior designer keeps in mind the purpose of that building that is the livability of the house. And then the house is designed according to that in order to increase the livability of the house.

Features of commercial interior design

 When a commercial building is designed, different things are kept in mind at the time of design. The purpose of a commercial building is different than the purpose of a residential building. Commercial buildings help companies earn, make money, and gain profit in business. That’s why a commercial building should be designed in a way that the usage of the space reaches its maximum.

If we talk about the offices than a commercial building should be designed in a way that it is suited the best for the employer and as well as the employees working over there. A mandatory feature of offices is the working space used by the employees. An office should have adequate amount of cubicles for all the employees. It is the job of the designer to fit as many cubicles in the office as possible while maintaining a pleasant environment. The cubicles should not be too close to each other otherwise the office will get congested.