How to become a retail designer

How to become a retail designer

There are many careers to choose from now a days. There was an era when people used to know that there is an interior designer only but there are different and several categories of interior designer as well and the most top going field is retail design in Dubai.

Why Become a Retail Designer?

People are specially going towards this field because you will find many retail fit out companies in Dubai that are hiring people from around the world just for the sake of best office fit out. The main expertise of a retail designer is to see the design, architect and the interior of commercial offices.

If you want to choose a career and you at the early stages of choosing your job type, then we suggest that you become a retail designer and if you don’t know anything about being one and how to become then you have landed on the right post, keep reading to know why.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Become a Retail Designer?

The first thing you need to be is very creative since it is all about interior and designed combined, then you need to be highly creative and come up with amazing ideas instantly. But there is more to it for becoming the best retail designer.

  • If you have done a diploma in interior designing, then it is also considered as a course of retail design. But you must remember that if you get hired by any office fit out company, at the beginning, you will be working as a junior.
  • It is best that before you go about applying directly for the seat or vacancy, you must get an internship and people who have internship in this field get hired for higher positions.
  • The candidates must have a catalogue of their own in which they have made their own ideas.
  • The candidate must know how to use latest software and tools for any kind of office fit out project.

What Job can a Retail Designer Get?

If you have become a retail designer then following will be your option;

  • You can design stores and shops.
  • You can design footwear shops and stores.
  • You can design bookstores and libraries.
  • You can design malls and supermarkets.